Very recently, a post was published at Tornevall.

It very much explained a restructure of the Spotify content (mostly his own). But since there was things referring to name changes, there was also a decision to republish the prior MINT-tracks to make it look more proper. Therefore, a remix in the secondary main name “Emily’s Song” – that was initially named “Bejeweled” – has been released to celebrate this moment. Besides this, the post from Tornevall also describes a tribute to the second child that was born long after the first dedication.

In the same time, furthermore content from the partially one-hit-wonder “MINT” (indeed, Bejeweled was once played at was posted here for which never before published content was published. The content itself has been ready for release several years, but since there was no proper plan (partially due to cost), they also remained unpublished. Until now.

Ladies & Gentlemen – Here’s “Bejeweled 3“.

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